Dundrum, County Down

Dundrum Castle

Overlooking Dundrum are the ruins of Dundrum Castle, considered one of the finest Norman castles in Northern Ireland. Built by John de Courcy at the end of the 12th Century, Dundrum Castle had a colourful history that culminated in its sacking by Cromwell's army in the 1650's. The circular keep is still intact and accessible, offering stunning views over the surrounding coutryside and out to sea.

Dundrum Castle

There is a car park immediately below Dundrum Castle although the route from the entry gate to Dundrum Castle itself is very steep and may prove challenging for the less mobile.  The stairs within the keep itself can also be difficult to climb and require care at all times although the views from the top make the effort worthwhile.

There is also a 0.3 mile woodland walk along the Dundrum Castle Woods Trail. 

Dundrum Castle is a 'must-see' feature of any trip to Dundrum.