Dundrum, County Down

Coastal Path Loop

The Coastal Path Loop follows the well established Dundrum Coastal Path but adds in an alternate return route that shows some additional countryside and scenic views.  The start of this walk is at the small car park just to the north of Dundrum.  If coming from Belfast the car park is on the left just before you enter Dundrum and if you are coming from Newcastle the car park is on the right shortly after you pass the Dundrum village signs.

From the car park the path is clearly marked and when you are on the path looking across the bay you turn left and simply follow the track.  The track is mainly grass, so suitable footwear is advised, particularly following any amount of rain.  The path has open fields or woodland to the left and the bay to the right.  Depending upon the tide the bay view will be of mud-flats, a wide wide watercourse or some point between the two.  These changing views of the bay mean that this walk is worth visiting more than once.

Eventually you'll cross a small wooden bridge from which you'll see a side road come into view on the left.  The path soon runs meets up with the road and you'll see obvious points at which you can step across to the road.  Standing on the road with your back to the water turn left and head along the road.  This is a quiet country road but there is still traffic so be alert at all times.  Follow the road until you reach a junction and then turn left, which quickly brings you to the main road into Dundrum.

Across this busy road you will see the large Mount Panther estate with the ruined manor house.  You will also often see herds of deer in the grounds of Mount Panther.  Turning left you follow the main road back down the hill towards Dundrum.  You will reach the car park at the starting point just before you get to the start of the village.